Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Biggest Loser

Swimsuit season is (too) rapidly approaching... as is the big 3-0 birthday (only 36 days away from TODAY! YIKES!) and while I'm not the BIGGEST size I've ever been - that was last yr- I haven't made a ton of effort/progress to get back to "normal" (whatever that is!)

So... since some of the ppl at work want to start an 8 wk Biggest Loser competition - I figure why not give it a shot and make some changes.  There's no better time than NOW! AND ppl are going to be doing it around me so I might as well- while I have some support.

So last week I got online at Beachbody where a friend of mine is a "coach" and looked around.  His wife (mom of 2- also 30) just completed Slim in 6 and so i emailed her for the real life- "how does that work w your busy schedule and 2 kids and is it really as good as it looks" perspective. 

This is an excerpt from her email:
You definitely have to be mentally prepared before starting a beach body workout because it definitely takes time!! I started with Sim in 6 and I think its a great beginning workout. It comes with 3 main workouts, a stretching workout, an ab workout, and 2 bonus workouts. You do the first one - Start it up till it becomes easy. I did it 3 days. Its only 26 minutes long. Then you go to Ramp it up, its 45 minutes long, and the finally burn it up and its an hr. I definitely struggled with the hr one as far as time goes but I mostly just did it when the kids went to bed.
Its not too much. I think its $60. Slim in 6 is a great way start - I had really good results!! I lost about 8 pounds almost right off the bat and I lost 2 dress sizes. I lost tons and tons of inches. When I started I could only do 5 pushups and by the time I was done I could 50. The good thing about Slim in 6 is it comes with everything you need.
So... I thought about it, prayed about it, and tried to decide if I was really mentally READY to commit to something like that; READY to make a change in my lifestyle and be more active.  After about a week, the thing that stuck in my mind is "2 dress sizes and tons & tons of inches."  Bc at the end of the day- i HONESTLY dont care about the numbers on the scale... I just want to feel good when I get dressed in the morning.  So finally- I bought it! It was about $70 after tax and shipping and arrived at my office yesterday.

A co-worker and I did the workout during lunchtime yesterday - so that was fun!  We started with the "Start it Up" video (which actually plays for 34 min - but still seems manageable).  It wasn't totally easy- though the moves are simple - its just the endurance that was tough.  I think I only did about 3 pushups in taht segment and def got tired during the lunges!  But it was fast paced and doable.  I think I'm gonna like it! 

This morning I'm a little sore in my obliques, inner & outer thigh, and shoulders... thats gotta be a good sign that SOMETHING is working- right?!  Today another girl is going to join us at lunch- so thats 3 girls trying to change together! (makes it SO much easier!)

I dont want to put too much on this in the early stages... bc its really easy for me to START stuff- but not as easy for me to FINISH!  SOOO... just wanted everyone to know that i STARTED yesterday... and we'll see how it goes.  I'm taking "Before" photos today and used the little tape measure they sent w the DVD's to measure everything too... bc i have a feeling i will see more inches come off than lbs... but we'll see. 

Biggest Loser at Shiloh ends on June 28th.  The one w the most % of weight lost gets cash! Cash is good! :) There will be a boy winner & a girl winner.  I'm gonna try my best!

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