Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Week 4, Day 2

I know these are boring... "I worked out- I'm tired- its worth it- yay me"....

But i need someplace to be accountable and to track progress... thats why i started this blog in the first place...

Em and I did Burn it Up again today.  Have I mentioned lately what a GODSEND it is that she wants to workout with me every day at lunch??  Its good to get to hang out w someone else and work hard together!

Today was her first time doing BIU and both of us were sweating WAY more than in the other 2 videos!  Wow.
We did miss the more intense Abs from RIU and so we've discussed doing the 8 min ab workout on a "break" towards the end of the day every day... not sure if that will happen or not.

Gotta be honest- today - after last week of still doing the hr workout 5 days but eating badly and then gaining weight... i'm concerned about how the next 2 weeks will affect everything I've been working on.  This weekend there are weddings and birthdays and then next Friday I leave for PERU for 10 days.  Obviously wont be able to get in an hour workout...but hopefully we'll walk a lot and I'll burn calories that way... and maybe I'll have put in enough* work that my muscles will keep burning stuff for me.

We're over the 1/2way point of this program and have done a decent job at following it and trying to make changes in food (not the BEST by any means) and still haven't seen the results I want (though I know- it took me a while to get to this point, its gonna take a while to reverse it).  I'm gonna be as serious as possible about it all till Peru. (which prob means only a BITE of cake at the wedding and bday party instead of a PIECE... boo!!! :( so sad!)

Anyway- for now- i'll just keep pushing PLAY!

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