Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 2, Days 4, 5, & 6

I'm combining this post bc, well, the last few workouts of the week didn't go exactly as planned.

Friday- (day 4) we didn't get to work out at work bc Lisa was off, Emily had something to do during lunch, and I was SWAMPED w work! I literally took 15 min off at lunch to eat and then was back at my desk till 5.  Fri night was a great graduation party (where i DID have a piece of cookie cake and LOVED every bite!) I got home around 10 and thought about working out... but just honestly didn't have the energy or the strength.  Here's a pic of me and Magen w the food on the right and the cookie cake on the left! :)

Saturday (day 5) I got up w an upset stomach (maybe it was the cookie cake getting back at me!!) and me and the roommate were goign to do RIU (ramp it up for future reference)... So we get started and about 15 min in I start feeling light headed.  So I get some juice to boost my blood sugar and drink some water and then i sit on the couch thinking I'll feel better and jump in... well then my stomach started hurting and I was feeling really clammy and decided I just had to sit it out.  I went to my room feeling like I might get sick and just laid on my bed under the fan.  Anyway- i felt better later but the day was filled w bridal showers and girlie movies so I didn't attempt another workout. Here's me and Chrissy at her shower!

Sunday (Day 6) I actually woke up early but decided to dance around to Worship music to get started instead of working out.  I only lasted through one or two songs and then decided to hop in the shower. We did goto the park after church and I played a little kick ball w Nate. Here's a pic of all the girls in my LG (minus Rachel) at the picnic.

After our nap later on we went to the pool w some friends and ended up in this guys vs girl game of keep away that was pretty intense!  We played for like an hr - moving around, jumping up, blocking, throwing the ball, etc and today my shoulders are sore - as well as my legs just a bit. So I think that counts as my workout- even though it wasn't really "slim in 6" or maybe even as intense.  At least it was active! (and SOOO much fun!) This was BEFORE we started playing hard core!

So anyway- i'm gonna say that week 2 was harder- but overall a success... BECAUSE today I weighed and I'm down 6 lbs since May 3rd!  And my coworkers said they noticed a diff when I came in today.  I'm going to take pics every other week in the same outfit to see if I can see it. 

The other news is- I think in percentage lost since last week- I'm the winner!! I lost 2.55% since last monday - meaning... I get an extra JEANS day this week!! Yippee!  Its not official yet bc all the girls haven't weighed in... So my boss, lisa might still beat me... but we'll see.  Till she gets here- I'm the winner! :) I'll keep you posted.

So total stats: 10 days of the Slim in 6 vids, 6 total lbs lost, 7 total inches lost.  Not a bad start!

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