Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 1, Day 6

So I did a workout- by myself- at home- in the morning- on a Saturday! :)
yay ME! :)

I felt so productive Saturday! I was up at 8:15, cuddled w Nate a bit, then jumped up, put on my tennis shoes and PRESSED PLAY!

I worked out, showered, and was ready to go have breakfast at Kristen Gladney's at 10!  What a great day!

We made fresh fruit smoothies using her handy dandy Magic Bullet Blender(WHICH I WANT VERY MUCH!!!) and had tasty bagels too!

Then we got to chill w Nate and watch Follow That Bird (a Big- Bird movie!) and we LOVED it!! By 1, I felt like I'd had a full day!!  So I went home, worked on laundry, cleaned 1/2 the garage and got ready for my evening!!

Working out is fuN! :)

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