Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 2, Day 3

Well i didn't make it to work out yesterday at lunch bc one of my sweet friends brought me homemade chicken enchiladas with an ice cold DP for lunch... So my plan was to do it last night after Lifegroup- BUT... I didnt.  I just honestly did. not. have. the. energy.

So I decided yesterday was my "off" day for the week- which means i have to get in 2 workouts this weekend.  At this point- my goal is to do them both in the morning on Sat and Sun before showering and getting ready for the day.   Hopefully Monday I will be able to report that that was true and i made it throught ALL 6 days of working out on Week 2.

TODAY i got to work out with my co-worker Emily.  She had to start a little late and leave a little early- but it was still good to have that accountability.  I know if she hadn't done it- I prob would have bailed... but once I "pushed play" - I knew I had to do it!

Today I'm also starting to drink one Protien shake per day.  We'll see how that works out.  Someone told me to drink it right after my workout... sooo I'm trying now... its not the best...its just really thick.  I may play around w this a little bit.  Anyone have any advice about protien shakes? or good post workout lunches that would be easy for me to bring to work?

I read somewhere that after your workout your body can absorb nutrients better than any other time.  It also said that you should have 3 parts carb to 1 part protien for the best nutrient mix.  I just dont know what i should eat!  I'm gonna try to goto the store this wkd for foods for the next couple of weeks - more fresh ingredients like fruits, veggies, etc, too hopefully!

I went down to the workout room at the church to weigh today - just to see... and I was down 4.25lbs from the beginning weight. Not too shabby!! :) I want to do inches again just to see if anything has changed since last friday - bc stuff like that (seeing even small-ish changes) totally motivates me to keep going!  It is when I dont see ANYTHING or FEEL anything that I get bored/discouraged.


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