Thursday, May 20, 2010

Week 3, Day 3

I forgot to blog yesterday about the workout.  But in case you were curiuos- i did it!  For some reason its harder on Wed bc the day is so busy- but me, Lisa, & Emily made it through RIU!!

Actually- it was funny bc in the morning I was thinking I didn't REALLY want to do it- but Emily and Lisa talked me into it... then right at lunchtime, Em called and asked if we REALLY were gonna do - so I got to talk her into it!  Gotta love being accountable to ppl!  I dont think we could make it w out it!!

So as far as food goes lately- its not going AS good... because - my SWEET family from France is in town which means lots of YUMMY (& not quite as good for you) foods... that I LOVE...  (Here's me w Marcel, & Serge)

My biggest weakness is DEF cheese!! We have had a cheese course the last two nights that I LOVED (too much!) and Tuesday night they made homemade fries!!  They were UH.MAY.ZING!!!!  Here are some pics of the cheese plate, fries, and my plates the last 2 nights for dinner!  (ps- the cheese platter was much more varied the 2nd night- but i was so busy enjoying it, i didn't get a pic!)

And then of course they want everyone to enjoy the wine... which is pretty tasty too (but def not on my 'good foods' list!)  All in all- fun times are being had w the fam! We love to eat outside on the beautiful deck @ my Aunt's house.  The first pic was while we were waiting for the fries to be done on the first night. The second is my mom and her 3 siblings.

Saturday's menu is roast & made-from-scratch rolls, among other things and then there's rumor of a "Tex-Mex Fiesta" on Sunday afternoon complete w Tamale's & Margaritas!!  Ay Yi Yi!!!

I think at this rate- unless the working out saves me- I'm not gonna win this week's challenge... but... oh well!!  There's always next week!

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