Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 3, Day 1

Today started with the Weigh-In... and while I wasn't expecting too much change- I was DELIGHTED to know that I was down 5 lbs from last week (can that be right?!) which gives me a total of 6lbs lost in 2 full weeks of working out.  Not bad.

I wasn't going to work out at lunch but thanks to my GREAT workout partner here at work- Emily- I did and am SO thankful!!  It was even EASY to stick to Fruit Only at our Staff Party today and I was so thirsty for WATER that the DP didn't even TEMPT me!! Seriously!  I didnt' even want it.  It sounded gross!  And I figured that I think I've filled my water bottle (25oz) up at least 2 times today so thats 50 oz of water so far! Thats good!! (esp for me!) I did KINDA want some cookies...bc they looked AMAZING but... its NOT worth it! 

Total Side note... but... speaking of Not worth it... I really thought about trying some Queso & Tortillas from Taco Cabana last night bc my friends all had it... but no.  I stuck to a yummy fruit smoothie - and I was totally satisfied.  Really. It was delish.  I was only tempted when that drippy yellow (fake) cheese was dripping off my friends tortilla... but as soon as the box was closed- I was over it!  YAY!  I totally think this is about the LITTLE choices.  Too often I've felt like - "oh its just ONE tortilla w cheese... that won't be THAT big of a deal" and really- its not... till you have ONE tortilla w Cheese, ONE piece of Chocolate, One... whatever and then you're up to a whole lot of JUNK!

So about our weekly competition to wear jeans an extra day instead of just on Friday.... I was in the lead... till Lisa weighed.  (Lisa's also the one who brought the awesome looking EVIL cookies I wanted to try!)  She beat me by a TINY little fraction of a percent!  UGH!  soooo close!!! I was at 2.55% and she was at 2.81 or something.  GRR!

Oh well- even more resolved to keep up the workouts and LOSE it in the end! :) This is fun! :)

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