Friday, May 7, 2010

Week 1, Day 5

Well, Lisa and Emily were gone today but Judy, Cynthia and Misty (and baby Carley) decided to work out w me today!!

WE did it during lunch again- in the nursery rooms while Carley (10 mo old) played in an exersaucer!  IT was fun! 

In other news- we girls decided to go ahead and weigh in today and measure just cuz we wanted to know where we stand after just 5 days (aren't we impatient!?!?! hehe)... So the good news is EVERYONE has lost at least 1 lb and EVERYONE has lost inches too!! 

Personally- i only lost 1 lb... BUT i lost 5.25 inches- after just 4 workouts!!  It definitely gives me the motivation to want to keep this up!  And I'm sure I"m building muscle right now- since I'm doing stuff I havne't done in FOREVER and that will weigh more- but ultimately cause me to lose MORE fat!! So I kinda expect to see more inches than lbs and feel better in my clothes... which is actually what I am most concerned about!  I also ALREADY feel stronger- just KNOWING i'm doing something GOOD!!  It makes me want to jog to the car instead of walk or take the stairs instead of the elevator!  LIttle things my friends, little things!

So the girls (em&Lisa) were talking about moving up to RAMP IT UP next week.  If we REALLY want to be "Slim in 6" I guess we need to pick up the pace a bit. I gotta admit- i'm a little apprehensive.  Its almost 20 min LONGER (thats nearly double) and supposed to be "harder" (and I def am not thinking Slim in 6 is super EASY yet!!)... It will be good for us - i just might be WORN OUT WAY faster!

I have one more START IT UP workout this week (I'm going for 6x a wk for the next 8 wks!) that I'm hoping to get in first thing Sat when I get up. 

Nate was asking to wokrout w me yesterday- so I think he'll help my motivation!  He was sad I didn't bring it home last night! :) So cute!  What a positive thing this has to be for him! I need to keep remembering that!  Its for him, about him and his lifestyle WILL be different than mine was growing up & has been lately!  He will WANT to be active and make healthy choices! I WILL model that for him over the coming years! I WILL! (I'm talking myself into believing it!!!) :)

Ok- till next week!!  Happy FRIDAY!


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