Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 3, Day 5 & the wkd

We made it through the workout Friday - me Emily & Misty - and it was actually fun. I felt stronger throughout some of the stuff... some of the floor work was easier.

I didn't work out this weekend at all.  Kinda felt like I needed rest...

But the funny thing (to me) was that I actually thought about taking a walk on Sunday just to do SOMETHING physical.  I would have NEVER thought that before I started this thing 3 wks ago.  I just wanted to get in 6 days of SOME activity. However- in true ME fashion- my day was packed completely and I never made it to that walk!

I did however goto a fun LOST Finale party where I definitely overate and didn't listen to my body.  Its a shame bc at lunch i decided to forgo the Chicken Fried Steak at Barbec's and only had a small bite of the delicious evil beer bisquits and instead had grilled chicken, and a salad- which i only ate 1/2 of (listening to my tummy). So I made good choices at breakfast (no donuts @ church) & lunch (thats kinda my mantra- good choices, little changes) and then at dinner, sitting around watching TV w my friends, had no self control! I had 2 helpings of the amazing Taco Soup our lovely host Kristen made and then when they talked about dessert- I decided to have just a little...which meant one tiny scoop of Cookies & Cream ice cream and a cookie.  I was going to have only 1/2 of the WARM GIGANTIC CHEWY CHOCOLATELY GOODNESS that was this cookie- but nope- i ate the whole thing! Couldn't help myself!  Oh well- I can try again this week and do better.

I definitely didn't like the weigh-in this morning (monday) at work... I'm up 3lbs since last Monday- YUCK! (still down 3lbs from the beginning... but still!) and I didnt lose any more inches (still down 9 total from the beginning of the month- but still).  BOO! 

Guess that goes to prove that you can't eat *and drink!* like the french and lose weight!!  C'est domage!!  (what a shame!)

There's always next week!  For now- I'll find solace in the fact that I might have gained a ZILLION lbs this week if I hadn't been working out daily!  Sooo... just Keep Pushing PLAY!

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