Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 4, Day 3

Me, Em & Lisa worked out Wed for Day 3... I felt stronger and made it through the ENTIRE floor work w your legs- even though they BURNED like they were going to FALL OFF!!!  (thats the idea right!?!)

I didnt work out Thurs (bad day and had lunch w a friend instead) or today (leaving early for a wedding so I couldnt take a lunch) but I'm going to shoot for Sat, Sun & Monday this weekend at home!  THat will mean i skipped 2 days (thurs/fri) but still get in 5 this week.  (and kick start next week w Monday's workout)

I'll be taking pics on Tues morning after the weigh in (guess that means I'll put on the same outfit again... man I wish I would have chosen one I liked better!! lol) and HOPEFULLY I'll be able to maintain and even lose this wkd even WITH the weddings, the birthdays and the dinners!!! UGH!  the food thing is TOTALLY the hardest part!! Pushing play is getting easier and easier... but its still hard to resist desserts and other "comfort foods" like CHEESE!!

BUT I found some cute older clothes last night and really want to be able to wear them with style... so I'm gonna work hard!!  This weekend will really be a test!! :)

Ok I'm out till prob Tuesday!
Hope everyone has as much fun this weekend as I know I will!! I LOVE weddings and Birthdays and Days off!!! :)

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