Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 1 Day 2

Well, we did it again. Day 2 is a success I'd say.  And the great news is- the other 2 girls want to do this EVERY DAY! 5 days a week! Together! They are super motivated by the # on the scale and the contest and just wanting to be in better shape overall. 

Some parts seemed harder today- but some were definitely easier.  I did get a little light headed after a million Squats-so i stopped before I did shoulder & tricep moves...but I figure I prob need a few more calories in me before we do the workout- so my goal will be to adjust the eating a bit tomorrow.

Anyway- i think i want this to be my place of accountability.  So maybe I'll be blogging more... afterall- this is WHY i started this blog in the first place...
to talk about my journey to become more FIT! (and why it hasn't had a whole lot on it in the last yr after I gave up on running)

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