Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 4, Day 1

Today Em and I started BURN IT UP.  Unfortunately i have an older version of this workout- and its obvious in the quality.  I think I'll be writing a letter to Beach Body letting them know.

Well we were only about 10 min in when Em started feeling sick at her stomach.  She ended up having to go home early- leaving me to finish the workout on my own.  HOWEVER- at least we STARTED together... bc I think i wouldn't have done it if I'd had to go down there by myself.  I have to admit- I didnt' give it 100%... I felt like bailing multiple times... just bc the moves are a little different (i think its bc we're using the newer versions of SIU and RIU and the older version of BIU)

Anyway- the workout is pretty tough... but some stuff- like the abs- almost seemed easier to me.  The floorwork w the legs is HARD HARD HARD and I felt the BURN pretty bad! But what I like about it is that you KNOW its GOTTA be doing something-if it hurts that bad- right?!

It was kinda hard to be motivated to workout after the wkd of not eating well and then gaining on the weigh in this week.  BUT i have to believe that this is doing SOMETHING... bc I'm doing stuff that I've not done consistently in... well... ever!! 

So as frustrating as it is to not be able to see changes on the scales or on the tape measure weekly after givign up my lunch hour and working my little booty off, I'm committed till the end of this biggest loser business is over! I'm NOT giving up! And even after that... this is about lifestyle changes... and they won't happen overnight. 

I'm worn out and have to get through the last 2 hrs of work... but PTL that I dont have to do this at night after putting Nate to bed!

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