Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 1, Day 4

Well we did another workout during lunch today at work! Me, Emily & Lisa pushed play again and made another healthy choice!

It was fun! I'm definitely gonna be working on a Workout Playlist that I can put on instead of the cheesy music in the BG of this dvd.  I know I'm more motivated when I can sing along to a good song and it makes the time pass by much quicker!

So tomorrow neither of the girls are here so I may or may not get a workout in at lunch.  If I dont', then I need to squeeze in 2 more over the weekend (the REAL test!)  If i do- then I think I'll prob do one Sat after breakfast and be done for the week and take Mothers Day off.

I'll post again tomorrow if I actually work out... otherwise you wont hear from me till monday... when hopefully i'll have news of 2 more workouts! :)

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