Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Week 3, Day 2

We completed another workout!  I REALLY didnt' want to!! But thanks to EMILY being dedicated- I decided it was worth it!

Today i really felt stronger doing MOST of the moves in RIU.  And I actually had more energy, etc!

Just another day to 'push play'!! 

I'm more motivated after i measured & looked at pics yesterday afternoon!  I took before photos on May 3 & I had the same outfit on yesterday.  A couple ppl at work said they could see a difference (I did NOT believe them!) so after the pics- i can see a TINY difference in the pic of my back/legs/etc... I'll show you two pics- the one w straight hair is wk 1- May 3, and the one w curly hair is Wk 3- May 17

Then I measured and lo & behold- I'm down a total of 9.25 inches!!! with almost 4 of those in my hips and an inch on each thigh!!  How fun is THAT!? After just 2 weeks- and only 13 workouts! 

People here have asked if I've changed my eating - I have.  I have been trying to do more fruits & veggies and I"ve ONLY had water to drink for 2 weeks basically (yesterday I got 100 oz down!!! I think thats my goal each day!). 

And then when I just REALLY want some kinda food (like fried stuff, cheese, chocolate)- I have maybe 2 bites or way WAY smaller portions (like take the NORMAL that I would typically serve and then cut it in 1/2 and then take a little less than that)!! For example- last week we had fried okra up here for an event.  I LOVE okra!  I had less than 1/2 of the 'normal' serving and I was def satisfied and then i skipped the roll & the dessert(it wasn't one i just LOVED anyway).

For me- if i have a "diet" or a strict routine- I'm NOT gonna stick with it.  I know myself.  I hate "rules" & "regimines" and so i need the freedom to change stuff up (afterall- variety is the spice of life right?!), the freedom to eat what I want, and the freedom to splurge if i 'need' it- without going OVERBOARD... but with the ideas I've started with- I have found I dont even WANT to splurge as much- and i LIKE lots of fruits and veggies- even having a spinach salad for lunch!  How cool is that?!

I'm so glad I decided to do this!!


  1. Way to go, Tiffany! I read your updates and I am encouraged each day. Keep it up! :)