Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wk 1 is DONE!

So I went and ran right after work today. I started a bit late and daycare closes at 6, so I cut out 5 min of the first 10 min walking part. (might have been a bad idea but you gotta do what you gotta do). I was really hoping this would be a BREEZE! I mean, its been 3 times so far... and I am starting on "wk 2" intervals next workout (aka 3 min of solid run time as opposed to 2 min) so I thought it'd be fun!


It was just as hard as the 2nd time!! I was checkin time when I had about 40 seconds left every time I ran. I was hot and sweating. There were too many ppl on the track, and it was just rough!!

BUT- I DID IT! I finished 4 workouts running in 2 minute intervals consistently without quitting! yay!

I actually think my energy has something to do with what I eat (shocker- I know)... but on the 2nd and 4th time doing this workout- I had eaten within the 2 hrs before and i just felt heavier. The 3rd time- I went at lunch and had only had a slimfast shake that morning and some juice. I felt so much more energized then! Of course it could have to do with the time of day too- 5pm, end of the work day, etc. But man! I want to do something to change that on my next workout!!

Oh well- its done... (only a million more workouts to go before I'm ready for the 5k... or even for the 1k in just 2.5 wks- YIKES!!!!!)

PS- on a side note, THANK YOU everyone for your encouragement, your comments, your emails, etc! They mean the WORLD to me! I can't believe that my decision to be a runner and to start a blog about it have resulted in so much encouragement. And its cool that some of the encouragements come just when I start to wonder if I can REALLY do this... or if I'm NUTS! God is SOOO good to me!

I feel REALLY silly that people have said I've encouraged them and inspired them when I'm just doing something I should have done a long time ago (take care of myself) and writing about it. Anyway, its such a blessing to me! God works in amazing ways!

Now quit reading and go be ACTIVE!!! :) If i can do it- YOU can!!!

- A VERY sweaty RIT!


  1. Good for you finishing a tough interval workout. Those can really get your heart rate up! I understand about the eating wanna eat so you'll have energy to work out, but you don't want to run with what feels like a bowling ball in your stomach. I usually eat's the only thing that doesn't give me heartburn! I definitely feel your pain.

    Hey, did you know Tom Walker's started running (again) too? You can definitely see that it's working.

  2. THanks V! I might try Oatmeal... I gotta figure out something. Yesterday I did a salad at lunch (1:30ish) and then I did my workout at 4 and felt pretty good. Def not heavy like the day before.

    I didn't know Tom ran! Thats kinda fun!

    Thanks for commenting and being encouraging!