Thursday, March 12, 2009

2nd Interval Workout

Last Night while some really cool guys took my little man to play at Chuck E Cheese, I got to hang with my sister AND THEN grab some (healthy? prob not) food at ZuZu's and then go hang out at one of my Favorite Running Girls' house. She has a treadmill up in her attic room along with some jump ropes, and satellite music! We flipped stations constantly but always kept it upbeat!

So I jumped on the treadmill and was determined to do another of my 'interval workout's - Week 1!" I started with 10 min of walking, then 2 min of running. Surprisingly, the first minute or so was fine, but the last minute was tough. Nonetheless, I didn't stop! I'm determined! Second set was a little better and it was no problem for about a minute and a half! The last 30 seconds were KILLER- but... didn't stop AND had 2 AWESOME cheerleaders literally cheering me on!! Thanks LeeAnn and Chrissy!

Around the 3rd interval, Scott brought Nate back and so it was fun to watch him play and interact with everyone while I kept up my workout! Of course, it was the last 30 seconds that were killer again!! The final interval wasn't SOOO bad.. but... that last 25 seconds is soooo the toughest!!

So I'm encouraged I did it TWICE this week (after not working out EVER in weeks past!)! I need to make it 2 more times before I can move to "week 2" on the interval training... which increases my run time to 3 minutes... man... I can't imagine how I"m going to make it... I feel like such a wimp only being able to run 1.5 minutes at a time without feeling like I"m gonna Fall Over!!! OMG! 3 minutes is gonna be tough! (I feel like that sounds RIDICULOUS btw!!! its JUST 3 minutes?!!! Right?!)

How am I EVER gonna make it to the 5K in june... or even the 1K in April!? I have faith that if I follow this plan and keep consistent, I'll make it! And thankfully I have some pretty awesome friends who want to see me succeed, who already like running, and who are willing to invest in me! Its a really great feeling!! I know without a doubt I would probably have given up on the goals by now (a week after I've made them) if not for these girls! I would believe the lie that its too hard or that I'm just not cut out to be a runner! But not only do I not want to let myself down... I really don't want to let them down either! I know they would love me anyway, but they believe in me almost more than I believe in myself and I want to give them reason to continue to do so!! I'm so encouraged!

So tonight I am getting my "Total Gym 1000"! I'll use it to cross train on days that I just can't get out and workout. hopefully it will be a nice supplement to the runs and help me develop more strength and endurance in these muscles I haven't used much in a while!

Sunday afternoon, my mission is to go buy the right shoes! I definitely don't want to injure myself in the beginning before I even get started! I've been told that Luke's Footlocker is the place to thats where I'm headed! I'm sure I'll blog about the experience on Sunday or Monday in case you don't know what a "Luke's" is! (I didn't till a day or two ago!).

Thats all for now... Wish me luck getting the Run/Walk workout's in!!


Workout Stats: Total Time: 40 min interval run/walking (plus some other exercise for prob 15 min), Total Distance: 1.5 mi, Total Running time: 8 min

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