Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Goals are SET!

So last night after LG, I got to have a great time of fellowship and planning with 3 of my favorite girls! We all set goals for ourselves in the realm of running! (while downing some Chick Fil A fries!! of course!)

So- for accountability sake- I will post my goals here:

**Long Term Goal - Run the Cowtown 1/2 Marathon - Feb 27 or 28th, 2010 (13.1 Miles)

**Group Goal - Run the White Rock Relay Full Marathon - Dec 13, 2009
(Relay divided between 4 or 5 runners so btwn 4 and 6.5 miles.)

**Short Term Goal - Run a 5K before my 29th Birthday(June 9, 2009) -
(3.1 Miles)

I found a few potential 5K RACE options on http://www.runningintheusa.com/

Probably one of the BEST options would be June 7, 2009 in Plano, The Komen North Texas Race for the Cure. Its for a good cause, I could wear Pink and it'd be a great start to my 5K experience!

Now for the hard part... getting to those longer term goals....

I set up IMMEDIATE Goals and they are going to be divided into monthly goals (that may flex over time, but we'll see!)

**MARCH: get to where I can run a Mile (without stopping!) Doesn't sound like that big of a deal- but I can't really even run more than like 2 or 3 minutes without trying to quit right now... so a MILE sounds like a LOT to me!!

**APRIL: Run 2 Miles without Stopping

**MAY: Run 3 Miles without Stopping and be ready for the 5K!

I actually found a 1mile "fun run" (fun!? Really!?!? Man! I never thought I'd think that running is fun!!! EVER!!) on that above website on April 4 that I might consider registering for, just to push myself to make sure I get there! Plus it'd be good experience! Maybe I can talk some of my girls into doing it with me!! Its the "Victory Over Violence Walk/Run" in Ft Worth. Another good cause I'm sure! Why not?! Right???

Training Plan:
Daily Goals-

**Tuesday's (Starting TODAY)- I will leave work at 5pm- change clothes and then go spend about 45 min run/walking the trail at Eastfield College (right across the st from my work). I will come back by 6 to get Nate and then we'll go home. Why didn't I think of this before?!!

**Wednesday's while Nate is in Awana- I will get a few of my girls to meet me (hopefully) at the track at Eastfield and do interval training until I can run for a solid 30 minutes. I basically will have from about 6:10 till 8:10 to work out, train, etc.

**Thursday's I will probably start leaving at 5, running at the Eastfield trail and then coming back to get Nate at 6, unless I can get a babysitter for a bit on Thurs evening (as is the case this week- thanks to some pretty awesome guys who asked if they could hang w Nate).

**Friday's- once a month at least I'd like to do the Ballroom dancing thing (but of course that will depend on Nate and where he is)

**Saturday's - For at least 1 hr on Saturday, I will take Nate with me somewhere to do something active- even if its just walking or kicking a ball with him or something. I want this to begin this week..... not sure if that will happen or not- but I am going to

**Sunday's - will be a day of Rest.

**Monday's - not sure yet! maybe a strength training during lunch break or something?! I dont know. I dont want to get all hot and sweaty bc we have LG on Mon night... so I might take Monday's off too or alternate Monday/Sunday or something. We'll see.


FOR NOW- this is my plan. It might change- but I'll keep updating this as to how it does change for greater accountability!

Interval Training

My Final post for today is going to be the Interval Training plan I"m going to follow until I can run for 40 min straight!!

Wk Run/Walk Workout (Repeat 4 times per week)
1- 5 min Warmup, 4 intervals of (5min walk + 2 min Run)
2- 5 min Warmup, 4 intervals of (5min walk + 3 min Run)
3- 5 min Warmup, 3 intervals of (5min walk + 5 min Run)
4- 5 min Warmup, 2 intervals of (5min walk + 8 min Run)
5- 5 min Warmup, 2 intervals of (5min walk + 10 min Run)
6- 5 min Warmup, 2 intervals of (5min walk + 12 min Run)
7- 5 min Warmup, 2 intervals of (5min walk + 14 min Run)
8- 5 min Warmup, 2 intervals of (5min walk + 16 min Run)
9- 5 min Warmup, 2 intervals of (5min walk + 18 min Run)
10- 5 min Warmup, 40 MIN RUN!!!!!!!!


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  1. I think your goals are great. Long term-short term, you've really got all your bases covered!

    I totally remember those fun runs! My dad would drag me to races and I had to do them...I hated it!

    It's awesome that you've already got that 5K lined up. I know that having this triathlon coming up is really getting me excited. It's really fun challenging yourself and being amazed at how much you can do.