Thursday, March 12, 2009


Ok so last night it was rainy and REALLY cold.... so the run was out! I'm working on alternative bad weather workout options (cross training and such) but... instead- Last night I decided to shop - online and at Walmart.

Online- Craigslist- I went to look for the "alternative workout stuff" i was referring to above... I found a Total Gym 1000 in Addison for only $25 bucks!! Well that DEF fits my budget for workout equip so I emailed the guy right away!! I'm picking it up tomorrow!!
If you aren't familiar w the Total Gym- its the one that Chuck Norris endorses... it has to be good if Chuck likes it- right?
Here's a link of all the exercises you can do w this one little machine! I think I"m getting a STEAL!! :)

So then after having found the Total Gym... I head to walmart to get a few NECCESSARY (yes NECCESSARY!!) things!! If I"m gonna be working out- I have to have comfy clothes, a waterproof watch w a stopwatch on it (for all those intervals) and an armband for my ipod right? Right!!

There were some awesome deals on the Danskin brand workout attire... I got some pants, a jacket, a couple of shirts, and a few more things I need to return!

Next thing to purchase- hopefully this weekend maybe- are some GOOD shoes! I dont want to injure anything before I even get started so I've been told this is a MUST!! I'm also told that Luke's Footlocker is the place to go... sooo perhaps that will happen this weekend!

Thats all I have to report for today... I'm almost all "geared" up for my workout tonight (either on a treadmill at a friend's house- thanks CF! or running outside w the same wonderful running friend!!) I'm excited to put on the NEW clothes so that I LOOOK like I know what I'm doing!!

Stay warm and dry,
Tiff- the r.i.t. (runner in training!)

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