Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st Solo Run/Walk

SO I did it! The first time EVER by myself really...

I was determined to start off on this interval thing I posted 2 entries below. Week one begins now! (Meaning my target week 10 (aka the 5K) is around May 20th. Lets hope I can keep that up!)

I jetted after work over to the Track at Eastfield for the first time ever. it was unknown territory and all I knew was that it was supposed to make a mile all the way around. I grabbed my iPhone w the iTunes going, turned on my "iMapMyRun" to see if it really was in fact a mile and was off. The first 5 minutes I thought things were going to be easy... No big deal! Then it was time for my first 2 minute run. OMG! I thought I was gonna die!!! I looked at my phone no less than 50 times in that two minutes just HOPING the time was up!! BUT I DIDN"T STOP RUNNING!!!!! FINALLY, the 2 minutes (that seemed like 20) was over! I huffed and puffed my way through the 5 minute Walking part of the interval... and then it was time to run again....

Ya the 2nd time was pretty much just as bad!!! But- again, I didnt' stop running!! (and didn't even have anyone there to push me! I had to push myself!) Then the next 5 minute walk- and a pleasant surprise of some ducks in a little pond that I didn't even know existed out there. So then, the 3rd set of 2 minute running... and while it was hard, it wasn't quite as bad as the first two... now I still checked my phone a lot to see if it was over- but maybe not 50 times... maybe just like 6! (2 minutes feels SOOOOO long!) Then for the last stretch of walking before the final run... I had already passed my car and didn't want to be late coming back to get nate, so I decided to turn around and go the other direction about 3 min into the last walk. So then it was time for the last 2 minutes of running for my day today! YAY!

It started w a new song- can't remember what it was- probably NSync or something, but it was a great beat to run with (I used to be in marching band so I really can't help running or walking in step with whatever music is on at the moment!) I looked up at the clouds and noticed a plane flying high and I just started saying verses like "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" (phil 4:13) and "Run the race so as to get the prize" 1 corin 4:24 and other stuff... and I actually (surprisingly to ME even) started SMILING while I was running. Yes it still hurt, and yes I was still tired... but I CAN DO THIS!! I WILL do this!!

This was day 1 of my interval training... I"m excited about getting to week 6 when I can run for 12 whole minutes without stopping! That seems ridiculously impossible right now! But We'll see!! I'm NOT giving up on this!! (Thanks to my girls who are helping keep me accountable!)

I am a runner.... (in the making!)

Stats: Distance: 1.5mi, Time: 35 min, (Total RUN time: 8 LONG min)

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