Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pump It Up

Just wanted to post really quick that today has been a really fun day so far!! I got to goto a 3 yr old BDAY party at Pump It Up! Its this fun place that is filled with inflatables and loud music where kids can run wild, jump, climb and slide on all the different things.

Well today, I was my kiddo's BEST friend! :) He wanted me to go with him on EVERYTHING... and I'm pretty sure in the past I just haven't had the energy to do so..... but today, I LOVED getting to run and jump and chase my kiddo up and down the slides and obstacles on the various inflatable thingies. It was a BLAST!! And I actually feel like I got a workout! I was sweaty and my heart rate was DEFINITELY elevated at several different points in the hour that we were playing!

If starting this workout/running thing helps me be a better mom/playmate for my little man, then it will be worth it! He was so happy to have me by his side. His face when I came up over this one obstacle to slide down to my little man was just sheer delight! I loved every minute!! Most of the other parents were just sitting quietly on the sidelines or talking w other moms. I was in there w the 3 or so dads that were playing actively with their kiddos! Greatness!!

In other news- I got the Total Gym in my apt last night- it is GREAT!! I can't wait to figure out what workouts I want to do on a consistent basis! It is exactly the piece of equipment i needed. It provides versatility and will be great cross training to build strength and endurance and hopefully some muscle definition as I go through this training period! It also folds up really small and will easily fit in my Coat Closet... BUT don't be surprised if it stays out most of the time! So if you come over- be warned! :)

Ok I have a busy day ahead, but just wanted to post about Pump It Up!

Have a super duper weekend!
Be active!


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