Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend has been CRAZY and Busy and WONDERFUL all at the same time!! :)

Saturday morning, my wonderful TEAM MOXIE friends all met up at Moxie Girl Chrissy's house on Swiss for a group Walk/Run! It was tons of fuN! She had the route all mapped out for us... I'm not sure how long i actually RAN... but i did run some... (prob less than everyone else though! I'm sooo the slowest and one that gets tired easiest!! how I long to run with ease like the majority of my 'team'! Man!) Chrissy tells us we did 1.5 mi.. and it took about 35 min.

After the run, I ran off to Softball practice. Yes folks- I'm playing Softball! I like going to the games and have been at almost every one for the last couple of yrs... it's always been such a fun time of fellowship and community- but usually I'm just sitting in the stands. This time, I'll be in the Dugout (most of the game I'm sure!) and I'll be part of a team! I'm excited!

So practice was fine- i was only there about 30 min or so bc I had a baby shower to goto... but later that night, my arm and side were SO SORE!!! I guess I"m not used to those muscles workin! Even the muscle in my left hand (Glove hand) between my thumb and first finger was sore from moving the glove closed when I was catching the ball! So weird! But I feel like its a good thing!! No Pain - No Gain!! :)

After that- I got to goto a Jump party for some fantastic 4 yr olds w my little man! I didn't jump nearly as much as I did at Pump it up! BUT i managed a few minutes here and there w my little guy! It was SO much fun playing w him! And I LOVED having more energy to chase him around!

So one negative thing about Sat... and all the activity... my KNEES ARE KILLING ME! They hurt soooo bad! I can barely jog w out feeling pain - seems like its kinda in the joints when I put my foot down and its the impact or something that is hurting it. I really dont' want to be stopped before I START on this whole running thing... its annoying to not only have to overcome myself and motivation, and just trying to run endurance wise, but also having to overcome the physical thing too! UGH!

Oh well! hopefully it will all be ok. i'm resting today because of it. And to be honest, I'm happy about that. I just REALLY want to hit my goal of the 5k in june- running the WHOLE thing.

Sunday was the softball game and I didn't play much. I did get to throw a lot during the day (my arm needs work!) and practice w some of my friends. It was fun to have something to do that I enjoyed!! (even if my arm and side and back ARE sore!) I went up to bat twice .. and I'll be working on my swing this week hopefully! (never been to a "batting Cages" before so that could be fuN!).

I think thats my recap of activity for the weekend. As hard as running STILL is for me (even at just 3 minutes), I'm so happy to be transforming my life into one w LOTS of activity! :) I've never been a super physically active person (just really SOCIALLY active) and so its really fun to be changing my life- one day at a time!

The TIRED and SORE but believing its worth it RIT

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