Friday, March 6, 2009

Its been 2 days...


And I'm still a bit sore when I move! That HAS to be a good sign, right?

The thing I'm most impressed/surprised about is that even my shoulders and obliques are a bit sore when I move a certain way. Who knew that running would cause everything to work in ways it hasn't worked in a while!?!

So I've scheduled w my girls to walk/run/whatever on Saturday morning. I didn't do any exercise on Thursday, (unless you count ROCK BAND and DDR exercise! hehe) but Plan to go Ballroom dancing tonight. I'm hoping to work up a sweat doing something I LOVE doing!

Back in 2006, I used to do ballroom/salsa on Fri nights and Swing dancing on Wed's. I LOVED it! I felt confident and I was pretty good at the dances! It incorporated my need to be social and meet new people with my love for music AND even included exercise! Just those 2 days a week and people were constantly asking if I was losing weight. I never got skinny on this plan, but I definitely felt better and must have looked a little better too- judging by the people's comments around me. I LOVE dancing. I quit doing it when I didn't have a regular babysitter for those nights anymore. Perhaps I'll work out a way to get to go more over the next weeks!

Figuring out how to incorporate exercise into the "Single Mom" life... with a 3 yr old in tow is my biggest challenge at the moment. I RARELY pull the 'single mom' card... but its hard to figure out what to do w an active/curious 3 yr old that constantly wants attention and still find time for a good workout. I basically gave up when I lost my childcare for Dancing and haven't tried again. But, its time to figure something out! I'll let ya know what I come up with!

I had a hard time sleeping last night- woke up constantly even though I was in bed by 11. I downloaded some new Aps on the iphone that I'm sure will help me track my intake, my calories, and my overall progress! :) I kinda wanted to strech when i kept wrestling around to get comfy, but never did. I just didnt' want to get out of bed. I'm hoping that after dancing tonight, I"ll sleep better!

I"m also really hoping that after walk/running tomorrow, I'll be energized and get lots done around my house! There is much that NEEDS doing!!

Thats it for now... thank GOODNESS it's friday!!!

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