Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Slow Week

So its Wednesday and I haven't posted in 2 days...
Thats because I haven't really done much in 2 days... oops! I did ride a stationary bike yesterday for about 10 min in our 'workout room" at the church. We're working on cleaning it out and making it better all around! So hopefuly I can spend more time in there - esp on yucky/off/or busy days!

My knee is really hurting me- even to like fake jog down the hall when I pick up nathan and "race" to get back to my office... it hurts!

SO- do I just get over the pain (something I KNOW I can do... esp after labor!) and run anywya... or do I baby it, take it easy?? Hmmm I just don't know! I dont like being off my 'schedule" bc I have GOALS PPL!! And I"m having a hard enough time keeping those goals as it is!!! Much less adding injury! Ugh!!!

I did register for the April 4th Victory over Violence 5k.. I'm going to walk a lot and run some hopefully with one of my running girls, Alison! It should be tons of fun! I will get a chip- so this race will be a good baseline for the one I plan to ACTUALLY run on June 7th!

Thats about it in the land of becoming! :) I'm on pause till I figure out what to do and how hard to train/push/etc.


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