Monday, March 9, 2009

The First Weekend

Well I wasn't FANTASTIC this weekend, but not terrible either! I was definitely more active this weekend than weekend's past!

Friday night I got to go Ballroom DANCING!!!! My FAV!! Unfortunately they didn't have their normal Live Band Night, but it was still a blast! I was happily surprised to find that I wasn't nearly as rusty as I thought I would be! It's been about 8 mo since I was there last and I just LOVE that place. I dont know what it is.

I got there and started off with a slow Lindy Hop with my fav swing dance Partner- Jordan. I realized my shoes have about had it and I may soon be in the market for some more! Throughout the night I did a Rumba, a Fox Trot (silver level, I"m told), Salsa, Meringue, Waltz (my least favorite and I did it TWICE!), a 2 Step, and some more Swing to end the night with a bang. I definitely worked up a sweat and my calves were killing me at the end of the night! I can't wait to go back! SO MUCH FUN- it doesn't even feel like WORK! Awesome!! I was actually relieved that the night was over at 10 as opposed to 11 like I had thought it would be!!

Saturday morning the goal was to get up early and go for a little run/walk with my 3 yr old, L.A, and M. We didn't make it up by 8... we snoozed till 9 and then finally got out of bed! After getting Nate ready, he decided he didn't want to ride his trike... so we opted to just bring him and a ball and see what happened! We got in about 30 good minutes of moderate walking (about 1.5mi according to my phone) on the Village Trails and Nate got to see the ducks! All in all- it was a great start to the CRAZY day!!

The rest of the day was spent driving all over Dallas and moving furniture - and i kinda count that as exercise too! :) Margaret got a SWEET couch from Craigslist and it was a fun day out and about!

Sunday I got to play in the nursery at Church and then after lunch a group of us went down to Reverchon Park and layed by the (river?). Not much exercise happened, but it was nice to just try to enjoy the outdoors! While we were there I read the Women's Running magazine cover to cover. I learned that I need new workout clothes (and underclothes), new shoes (well kinda already knew that) and a Beginners plan to work up to being a RUNNER! :)

As far as this week goes, I believe I should be able to run/walk Wed for sure while Nate's in Awana, and then need to get in 2 or 3 more days. I may shoot for Tues and Sat... though I'd like to get something in today. We'll see.

Thats all for the weekend update!


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