Monday, March 23, 2009

Want it, Win it, I WON!! :)

So i just checked out my email and it appears that I am a winner!!

How exiting!!

I recently stumbled upon a blog for mom's who are trying to workout!

She has great tips on how to work out in short time spans and it has already been a big blessing, encouragement, and help to me to read her blog!

So here's the link to the contest that I entered...

and here's the email I got Sat night... Tiffany, congrats--you are the winner! please email me with your mailing address, shirt size and color preference. Thanks! :)

YAY! I win! :)
I like to win!! And I'm excited about this new workout shirt!!

1 comment:

  1. hello - i didn't know you had a blog! and i didn't know you are working out! way to go on both ends. i am adding you to my list. hope you are having a good week!