Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picture Day

Ok so maybe I'm getting a bit of the blog 'bug'... but i just wanted to post about a significant event in the life of my little man!

See this face!?

Notice something new?  A LOOSE TOOTH!!!

And just one day later - Wednesday- the tooth fell out (at school after nap time).

This is his first toothless pic!! He's super excited.

And guess what? The very next day was Thursday...  PICTURE DAY - OF COURSE!

Here's what he looked like this morning:
He picked out the bow tie and everything.  We even Gelled his hair bc its too long! : )

Here's a pic of him and this cute little girl LOLA (the one nate smiles about!)  She's the only other girl in the class to have lost teeth- so of course they share an instant bond.  I got them to take this picture while waiting for the REAL pics today.... 
AWWW aren't they cute!?  Funny story though- when I tell her to put her arms on his shoulder she says "Uh... this is kinda weird!"  Oh sweet girl!  Ya, I guess it kinda is!! :)

And now for some nostalgia... I think the bowtie might be from nate's 1 yr old pics.  Or if its not, it looks the same anyway.... So it seemed fitting to post a couple of them.  You can see how cute he was (and still is) and how much he's changed!! Back then I think he only had like 8 teeth... now we're starting to lose teeth! CRAZY what changes in just 4 yrs!

He's so tiny!  I kinda think the bowtie makes him look like a waiter.  Too bad the vest didnt' fit anymore but Nate's torso is getting LONG!!

Now for some quick comparison shots:
 Fall 2006

Spring 2011

Fall 2006

Spring 2011
he did this piano pose on his own BTW... I didn't coerce him at all.  But it just triggered the memory of the 1 yr old pic!  Sweet boy!

Oh my!  My baby isn't a baby anymore!!!

What am I gonna do w him!!


  1. I LOVE the pics. What a handsome little man! He is getting so big!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Tiff! It has been a joy to watch Nate grow up! ~ Carrie