Monday, April 25, 2011

Knocking on Doors

 Ok so I blogged a while ago on Ask, Seek, Knock - if you missed it, it was a 4 part blog of history and current thoughts on the verse in Matthew that you're probably pretty familiar with. See earlier blog here: part 1part 2part 3, and part 4.  Today I was thinking about knocking and how you knock on different doors in different ways.

I realized the other day that a part of me (with little faith) thinks that the door pictured above is essentially what I'm "knocking" on.  A Triple Locked metal door surrounded by hard tile, covered by a fence so you can't even knock on the actual door. You'd have to POUND for a while to be heard... OR be expected in order to get in.

I'd like to believe I were knocking on something a little prettier... simpler... maybe less hurdles (read: locks/gates/security devices) like this cute little door:

But then if I'm honest with myself... I really still think I'm at LEAST knocking on something like this... maybe not a gate on the outside- but several places that need to be unlocked by one with a key to get in.

This one might be better... it still has a lock but just one... and the door looks like its pretty worn and prob easy to get through.

But then why should I expect it to be SO hard, locked SO tight?  I'm gonna have to pray about that one and why I expect God to keep things from me.

Today I'm hoping and choosing to believe for the time being that the door I'm knocking on is like this one.  This looks like a place I wouldn't mind standing outside of for a while.  Its not too intimidating, scary, and looks like it could inspire creativity.  Its simple... but it has beauty in its own way.  This is my door.

I'm ready for it to be unlocked...

or to at least get a glimpse what's behind it.

*all photos taken by me in Peru last Summer.


  1. Good word Tiffany! Keep knocking and do not grow weary!
    PS - love your pics too!