Thursday, October 7, 2010

BHAPS & Mac's!

Remember how I said I was gonna start praying that someone would give me a mac???

Well... guess what? I got one last night... it needs a replacement battery bc it won't work w out being plugged in- but its an iBook G4!

I'm SO excited!! I dont know taht I really BELIEVED I'd ACTUALLY be GIVEN a MAC Laptop!!

SO now- i just need the software and to get used to the differences of a Mac vs Pc and I'm on my way! :)
 Isn't God Cool??? i just wanted to share w you guys!


  1. Hey Tiffany - I keep forgetting to tell you... I fixed the whole "baby boy in the tummy" thing awhile ago. It should read "The Cox Family" now. Maybe if you delete me and then add me again? Let me know if that works! :)

  2. God IS cool! So happy for you Tiffany!