Friday, November 12, 2010

Photos, Cards, & Shutterfly!!

I love Shutterfly! 

So I have gotten a couple of codes to try out new greeting cards online at Shutterfly and LOVED them.  The first one I ever did was for Father’s day.  I had to upload pics to my Shutterfly account that captured my last yr with my dad.

 I uploaded a lot of pictures HERE using the super easy uploader because I didn’t know which ones would look the best together when I picked my card.  I always try to have MORe than I need, because it stinks to get part way through your design and have to go hunting for a picture for one specific place.  I have actually started using shutterfly to store a lot of my photos online.  They make it easy to share with friends and when I go to make cards or prints, my pictures are already loaded!  

I also have created several “Share Sites” which is a website (can be password protected which is great for kiddos!) that you can create for free and store lots of pictures on it.  Then your friends and family can easily go and view/download/order any of their favorite photos! I LOVE share sites!  Here’s one that I’ve recently added pictures to.  I created it when our Lifegroup was doing events ALL THE TIME and everyone wanted to see the MANY pictures I took.  We also had a calendar and some contact info for the members.  It was pretty cool.  I don’t think people really used it a whole lot other than to see the pictures, but I liked the concept.

Anyway, I was super pleased with my dad’s cards.  I think I like the one from Nate the best.  To me, it looks like he’s telling the world “I Love my Grandpa”!   Here’s a picture.... what do you think? 

So, I’m not very good at making Christmas cards, but I take LOTS of pictures throughout the year so I want to start sending some out for the holidays!  This year, I am thinking I will try this card called Joy Sage Story.

I like the modern look of the front and then how the inside will let me put 6 photos and a little blurb about each one of them and feel like it will be a great (easy/quick) representation of the year 2010! I never do newsletters but I always like reading them.  I feel like this is a good compromise!  Its like a cliff notes of the year!  I am already thinking about my six most memorable 2010 moments that will make it to this year’s card.

If you like the inside layout of that card, there are a couple other designs that are similar - like Most Wonderful Story and Joyous Holiday Story.  They also do flat cards and of course all sizes of prints.
Anyway, just thought I'd share some of my fav's!  
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