Tuesday, March 9, 2010

RV Flames and Worldly possessions

Ok so I've sent what few readers I may have over to Jenny Simmons Blog (of Addison Road) several times for interesting stories, perspective, etc...

But today- I'm sending you there to pray for her and to help in any way you can.  She and her band just headed out on tour last week and long story short- all of her worldly possessions were moved to an RV that later burst into flames destroying EVERYTHING she owns- including some brand new makeup that God just blessed her with, ALL her baby "gear" - monitors, diapers, clothes, toys, etc, and all their bands sound equip & Merch (which is how they make money on the road). 

I can't imagine being in this situation and it seems completely devestating. As a mom- think about how you would feel if ALL of your baby's cutest outfits, blankets, toys, etc were lost in moments.... your favorite bible with the notes written in them... your whole world.... and then please say a prayer for this family who's life is all about using their God-given talents for His glory and helping people grow closer to Him.  She needs OUR help to lift her up and pray against attack, against discouragement.  She needs the Body to help her see God's goodness.  So i'm asking that RIGHT NOW (as in STOP reading, surfing the net, etc at this Moment- now!) that we all Pray for their provision, comfort, and supernatural love & support.  And then pray about how God would have you help.  Do you have baby "gear" that might be a blessing to little Annie?  Do you have a couple extra dollars to spare? Can you forgo your Starbucks or Chick Fil A today to give just $5 or $10 even so that Jenny and her family can start to rebuild what was lost? 

Jenny has championed SEVERAL causes to try to unselfishly raise money for others: Jenny Bizaillion, Katie in Uganda  and more.  I just figured I'd try to get the word out about her cause!

Thanks for praying for Jenny.
 Jenny's Blog
Band Blog w Pics of the fire

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