Friday, February 19, 2010

I love free! FREE MOVIES!!

Free Movie Tix for 2 - no strings!! just use by March 4!

I just love free stuff... so one of my awesome friends sent me this link (hyperlinked above) and it works people!!  You get a ticket w a barcode (1 barcode per email address) and you can goto the movies at the Studio Movie Grill near you for FREE!!! (sure they'll get ya on the food and drink service if you let them... but have you SEEN how expensive movies are these days?! SERIUOSLY!?)

So there ya go- you're welcome! :)

This is a feb special and you have ot goto the movies by March 4th... so get a sitter and plan a date w your hubs or your bff or whoever!!

Enjoy!  Let me know what movie you go see!

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