Friday, April 3, 2009

Sick Sick Sick

In case you were wondering if I'd picked up the pace a little this week...

I haven't! BUT... not bc I'm being a bum!! I've been WAY sick all week! I didn't even get to play in the MOOSE game on Sunday!! Bummer!!! I haven't been able to eat ANYTHING (still managed to get to work each day but an hour (or 3) late usually). I"ve had incredibly low energy... bc I haven't been able to keep any food down... So ya... Its been an off week!!

BUT- I'm working on designing the "Moxie Girl" shirts... (with the help of a REAL graphic designer- Maggie) so we can all have them for our June 7th Race (that I'm still going to attempt to run!)...

I'm also planning on walking (maybe running a few minutes here and there) the Victory Over Violence 5k in Ft Worth. A few of the girsl are coming and it should be a good time!!

I kinda feel like my knees are better (but then again i've done NOTHING For 2 wks)... i guess we'll see after the walk and after Softball on Sunday if I am recouped or not... hopefully I'll be good as new and can start over on my interval training.

I think I still want to be a runner... and I KNOW i definitely want to be more active as a lifestyle... but man- sometimes its exhausting!!

I'll let you know how I do this weekend!



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