Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where Have I beeN??

Well... here, there and everywhere. Unfortunately- not really doing too much on the exercise front.... doing more on the spiritual front. So I sent an email to some people yesterday and I feel like sharing it w the Blog World. NOt totally related to why I've been out but really related to the title of my blog: Who I'm Becoming.

Check it out. (its LONG) Let me know your thoughts if you make it through!!

Hello friends! A lot of you have been involved in my life at various levels and seen the various financial and car troubles I have experienced over the years (really- my whole life!). I'll try to make a long story SUPER short! I felt in June that God promised financial Freedom to me! Let me give you a Timeline of the events/progress thus far and how God is blessing me!!

I was struggling in my commission-only job (that i really liked... but wasn't doing well at) and my spirits were low. In August I got a job that I LOVE at my former church. Salary isn't high, but I felt a peace and its a STEADY, dependable, unchanging amount and includes a daycare discount (BIG ONE!) and medical cov'g! FIRST BLESSING!

I had a hard time paying my car payment during the months on Commission, so in early Aug, it got Repo'd which was actually more freeing than depressing. 2 days later- I was GIVEN a FREE car- 95 Volvo!! Second HUGE BLESSING!!

November- was going to move into a small 1 br apt on my own unsure of how I was going to handle the monthly bills/budget and the space issues w a 3 yr old but still felt Peace. WheN I was getting ready to move, My dad and his wife, Mary, decided they wanted to give me $100 a month to cover Nate's part of the rent and the increase in utility bills(allowing me to get a little bigger place w 2 br!) They volunteered this out of no where and have been faithful to send me that money at the beginning of every month! THIRD HUGE BLESSING!

January- After Christmas, Jan was a bit tight... then around the first week of the month- I get a check deposited from my former commission only job of $700!!! It was a surprise (while i usually get a check each month, the amounts vary and had usually only been around 2-400 depending on the month) FOURTH BLESSING!

April- it was a fairly tight month after investing in Running Shoes and paying some bills early. I had a flat that week and was really stressing a bit. I was literally left w like $200 in my account and deciding which bills could wait till after I got paid the following Wed. and which should be paid w this $200.

I went to hang w friends at a Poker night on April 11. So, its 1am... I'm inside my apt complex driving home when all of a sudden a car has backed out in front of me. There was no time to stop, so i SLAMMED into him. I initially thought it was my fault- but said nothing other than to exchange ins. My back hurt instantly and I cried when I got around the corner to my house bc I could only afford Liability ins and just knew my free car would be broken forever. PLUS my apt tows cars that are 'visably damaged' so I wondered where I was going to park since I wasn't going to be able to fix my car! I honestly doubted God and wondered what I was going to do! I felt him say "Tiffany, Do you not trust me yet as your provider?!"... and I'm like "Yes... but... it was my fault and now I'm hurt and I dont have any extra money to fix things and... (the list went on and on)." I finally went to sleep TRYING to believe He was going to provide somehow - but secretly honestly thinking I'd "used up" all my blessings and that he really wouldn't! I mean he'd already given me a FREE car... and I wrecked it! Why would he trust me w something else? Why would he help ME?!?

The pain in my back continued the next morning and was pretty bad. Nate was also mildly hurt. My car looked so sad as I went to it on Sat Morning before Bible study. The girls at the study prayed for me and my car/back. Later, I called my dad and asked who's fault he thought it was and told him about the damage. He volunteered to take a look at it if I had time on Sat afternoon. He ended up spending 8 hrs and $200 working on my car with a few breaks here and there for lunch, dinner, a trip to the junk yard, and an easter egg hunt w Nate. I know he was exhausted, but really, it was a great day! We had fun in spite of all the work he was doing (at least I know Nate and I did!) It was just such a sweet and selfless time my dad gave me. As I helped him finish checking the air on my tires, tears came to my eyes as I realized my Heavenly father had provided for me through my earthly father. And that He's been working to restore our relationship to completeness/wholeness. Its sooo good! And I felt more loved and protected and provided for than ever before. Praise the Lord! FIFTH BLESSING!

At that point, I didn't even care if it was my fault. My car wasn't so bad anymore thanks to my dad the Mechanical Miracle Worker and I learned I would be able to seek Med Treatment under my PIP ins for Nate and I. Had an appt on Monday and already felt a little better on Tuesday when I woke up. Nate got treated and I learned he had minor damage and wouldn't need many treatments. The 2500 PIP would surely cover it! SIXTH BLESSING! While I was at the Chiropractor- i got a call and learned that the wreck was the OTHER guys' fault!! SEVENTH BLESSING! Also, they said they would pay for ANY and ALL medical bills for both Nate and I related to this claim when we had completed all treatments!!! (So that means that if my PIP pays 2500, then they will write me a personal check for 2500 also!!!) EIGHTH BLESSING!!

Also, I have an Aflac Accident plan which means that I get additional money IN MY POCKET for accident treatment!! I'm guesstimating that it will end up around $500!!! NINTH BLESSING!

Tuesday, the adjuster came out and said he thought it might be totalled! I was a little scared bc I figured that would mean they woudln't give me much to fix the car and they'd want to take the car- then I'm stuck trying to find something to drive that's reliable! Ugh! I searched Blue Book value for the car and it ranged from 1500-3300. I guessed I'd get around 2000 for the car. Wed I learn that they did total the car- but they think its worth 4749.06 if they total it out and take it. WHAT?! Did you say 4 THOUSAND dollars!?! (but that means I"m Car-less!!) And then I asked- well what if I dont want to give you the car... and they said they would pay a little less... 4299.06!!!!!!!!! "wait- so you're telling me the minimum you will settle for will be $4300?!?!? for a 95 VolvO? SERIOUSLY? TENTH BLESSING!!

So.. to sum up- GOD is SOOOO my Provider!!! I repent for EVER doubting that he wants FINANCIAL freedom for me!!! Praise the LORD for blessings in disguise! I never knew I'd be sooo glad to have had a car wreck! This is INCREDIBLE!!!

And also- I had been feeling like I was supposed to do the Discipleship Training School at our church starting in August. It is $900 and I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for it, but just started the application this week! I read the line that said 'you may pay in advance" and almost laughed out loud! Ya RIGHT! Like I"D have 900 EXTRA dollars!! SOooo joke's on me I guess!!! :) I think I'll be able to write a check for the full amount now!! God is SOOO good!! Its really humbling and amazing!!

Please pray with me that I would be a good steward with the extra funds. That I would listen to wise council and that I would make progress on my debt!! I will have financial freedom!!! I can TASTE it!!! ANd its SOOO worth it!! :)

Hope you have a blessed day!! And that you BELIEVE that HE loves you!! And that He wants the BEST for you!! And that He will be your provider too!
Love, Tiff

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  1. Our lives are supposed to be a glorious reflection of God's love and grace...that's how we know we are becoming more like him. Your life is NOT falling short in 'knowing Him and making Him known'
    Blessings to you in the journey of life!