Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My 6Yr Old!!

So it was  6 yrs ago today that I was in the hospital waiting for my little guy to make his appearance... he actually wasn't born till 2:39am on the 27th, but it was at this point 6 yrs ago that I was about to become a mom!  I still remember thinking about what he would look like, what his personality would be, and thinking about all the unknowns of motherhood.

Now, 6 short years later, here I am, the proud mom of a Kindergartener!

I have learned so much in this short time and I can't imagine my life without my favorite little man in it.  I'm feeling nostalgic, but I only have a little bit before I have to go pick him up from school... his last day as a 5 yr old!

So here are some random thoughts (in no order) that I have as I think about the last 6 yrs:

  • I'm so lucky to have been blessed w such a sweet natured baby.  He has always been so good natured and people compliment me on him wherever we go. 
  • Nate is an independent little kiddo.  If he wants water - he goes to the kitchen, gets his cup out of the (low) drawer and fills it up!  He's super resourceful too!  If he wants something on the top shelf, he WILL figure out how to get to it!
  • He has the BEST laugh!  Another thing folks have always commented on.  When he gets going, everyone around has a smile because of my little guys' laugh.
  • He's very mechanical - he LOVES building and creating.  I love watching his little mind work - esp when it comes to elaborate creations involving train tracks, or legos, or Trio blocks.
  • He is creative! He loves to dress up! He loves to color and make cards for people and is super meticulous. 
  • He is super smart - loves to learn!  He is one of the top 3 readers in his class and the teacher is impressed he reads and writes really well (usually if kids read well, they need help writing, etc)
  • He may not love dogs, but he pays attention to babies - he loves interacting with kids that are smaller than him! I love watching him with 1 yr olds!
  • He is highly relational.  Love that he loves our neighbors and is happy playing from the minute we get home till its dark!  
  • He loves Jesus! I love that he has already asked Jesus into his heart (last yr) and loves to jump up and do our devotional in the morning.  I love that when he sees people at church worship, he wants to imitate them - whether it be by lifting his hands or kneeling on the ground.  So sweet. I love that he has faith that God will heal when I tell him I have a headache and that he'll pray for me (and others) in such a sweet way. 
  • He loves music! He would be happy if his playlist on the ipod was on ALL DAY LONG!  He also loves to listen to cd's and I'm pretty sure he would have one on all the time if he could!  He also always comes home from church singing the new songs he's heard.. one time and he has them memorized! So sweet!
Ok Thats about all I can think of at the moment about my kiddo... he's pretty spectacular!!  I'm so blessed God chose me to be his mommy! He is truly my little GIFT!! (which is what his name means in Hebrews)

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!

Love you!


  1. such a sweet post! and a sweet kid!
    love you nate!

  2. Yay for Nate! Happy Happy Birthday!!!!