Friday, July 17, 2009

Guess what?

I ran!

Thats right- I didn't want to post about it before I did it... but I did. Not for long... but I enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed it. I stopped when I got tired/winded and then I picked up again... and I pushed myself some (not a ton but some).

The story:
I decided I needed a day off on Wed. SO I took one! Nate was at my mom's for Library Reading day and so I got up thinking I"d take a shower and get ready for the day... but something stopped me.
NOPE! I'm gonna go over to the Village and I'm gonna walk and spend time w God!

So I did... for about 30 min or so. Not super long- but thats ok bc its been FOREVER since I've even tried! So I had several spurts where I ran (prob only for a couple minutes at a time) but it was good! Maybe I can do this. Maybe I can become a runner!

It wasn't even that hot- and just when I'd get tired, I'd round the corner and see the beautiful Lakes or a water fountain thing or some ducks or pretty trees. The sprinklers kept coming on too which was a nice welcoming cool splash of water! It was great! I almost felt like a kid who gets excited about running through the sprinklers! And there were even rainbows on occasion through the sprinklers!

Just wanted to post! It was NOT so bad... fun to get out my running shoes and nice to have quiet time around the lakes and trees and nature!

Though I think I've decided that I do better when I run/walk around water!! It helps me be motivated much more so than a track!


  1. You go, girl! July is a hot time to take up running, but it early and stick near some pretty scenery and it's not so bad. Or so they tell me...because I am sure not running at the moment! Ha ha.

  2. Hi Tiffany! I found your blog through Christy's and I really enjoy how open and honest you are! Congratulations on the "run." I am not a runner so when I do get out there and do it I feel like I have really accomplished something. Way to go- that is so awesome! Hope you are doing well. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon!:)

  3. It's amazing what little boys do isn't it?? I don't know how to change the tagline - oh well! :) Tell that sister of yours hi for me!