Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Contest - UPDATE!

Ok so my last post (almost a mo ago) was about this contest I'm in for a new fancy photography website. Well, the contest is ALMOST OVER (friday) and I had the lead the entire time... until......Last weekend!  My opponent who is quite talented as well has somehow SOARED past me in the last few days and I've been scrambling to catch up.

Right at this moment - I have 388 "votes" (or LIKES) and she has... 461.

I have 1500 friends on Facebook... but I'm not sure how to convince all of them to click on my photo and like it by Friday!  Anyone have any ideas? I need some help!!

If you haven't already voted - I have great news for you! Facebook just made it so you dont even have to like the Host page to vote.  AND if you have a Business page on FB, you can vote under that profile too!

To vote:
*Pretty sure you have to already have a FB acct and be logged in
1. Click link below
2. Click LIKE below my photo
3. Share w your friends/family/co-workers to help me win!!
Vote Here!!

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