Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday FREEBIES 2011

Ok so I have ALWAYS ALWAYS loved birthdays.  I actually dont even know why... but they just get me excited! I like planning parties and going above and beyond to make them special, unique, memorable!

Last year was my 30th and I LOVED my bday party.  The party was PERFECT - almost like a Mini-Wedding! So fun!! So this year, I'm turning 31 and realized my excitement is not quite as high as it usually is.  (Case in point- its 1 wk from my bday and I haven't even really thought about the party a whole lot.  No ideas.  Its just blank!)

This year I've decided its my goal to use as MANY bday Freebies as I can before they expire!  Here's a list of Freebies I've gotten so far. Most are by EMAIL from email clubs.  I'll be updating this at the end of my attempts to use them all!  Stay Tuned!

Hint: To join these, simply goto the website and look for their "club" links and sign up.  I use a separate email address so as not to clog my NORMAL email with offers and coupons all the time.

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