Monday, December 6, 2010

Crafty Moment

I dont know that this really qualifies for being "Crafty"... but I really wanted a wreath on my door for the holidays.

I've never had a wreath.  My mom wasn't huge into decorating for seasons, etc growing up so as I've seen everyone else w their fun festive wreaths I just started to get a bug to have one!

I haven't been shopping for extra decor bc I haven't really gotten everything figured out as far as the Christmas stuff I DO have already and didn't want to go buy stuff I may or may not have space for!  BUT I still really wanted a wreath!  Well last night, my neighbor offered to let me use one of her extra wreaths for the holiday season!!  Very sweet!!

So I took off the wimpy battery operated LED lights *w permission from the neighbor* and made a quick trip to Dollar General for a small strand of lights for $1.50!  Once I got the lights on, I wasn't really sure WHAT to do.  I just kinda stared at the lit wreath wondering what I'd got myself into!  BUT, with all the Christmas stuff I have, I decided I could make something work... So I found this red and silver ribbon and a couple of pre-tied bows from decorations a couple yrs ago.... and some mini balls in red and silver... and some little silver sprigs that were stuck in my tree and went to work!

I also (at the suggestion of my roommate) grabbed an ornament off my decorated tree that said Joy to the World to kinda have a central message.  (The ornament was a Christmas stocking gift from my Dad and Step Mom last yr!)

So without further ado, here's a pic of my first holiday creation hanging on my door!  Hopefully it won't be my last!
PS- i like the overall look of this, but not sure that I really like the 2 bows.  Anyone have any tips/suggestions?

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