Monday, October 26, 2009

My Child, the Genius!

Ok so I've never really devoted an entire blog to my child... As much as I love reading my friend's blogs about their precious little ones and seeing pics, I just haven't had the urge to brag about my little man so much (I do it on Facebook and to various friends and family as often as possible though- dont get me wrong!) Its just this blog was originally gonna be more about morphing into a new creation... and just all about... ME! hehe

HOWEVER, I can not be narcissistic any longer.  Because I have now decided I am the proud mother of a boy-wonder, a genius, a mini-einstein if you will! (and I will!)

His Daycare director emailed me this morning some shots of the work the class was doing.   The class was given some random everyday supplies and told to create something.. anything!

I'll let the pic speak for itself: 

Here he is concentrating SO hard on his creation of toothpicks and mini marshmallows.

And now, here's the work in progress.....

And there he is Ladies & Gents- my little Nathan, my gift, my genius. 
He's making a 3 D object with NO assistance from his teacher. 
He came up with the idea himself.. and while his peers are making 2D marshmallow suns with toothpick rays flat on the table- he's making a 3D cube!  And- did I mention that he's only 3? (well for another few hrs anyway!)

Speaking of his age... tomorrow is his bday.  4 years ago today, I was in the hospital being induced... not sure what to expect of labor, delivery, or motherhood...  excited to see what he looked like and if he was a "cute" baby or one of the funny squishy looking ones.  3 yrs and 364 days ago at around 2:45am.... he came into my life and things have never been the same.  And I wouldn't change it for the world!

Here are just a very FEW things that i LOVE about my Nathan Riley:

  • His Smile- and how it lights up his whole face
  • His Laugh- and how you can't help but smile when you hear it
  • His Funny Faces- and how expressive he is
  • His Sense of Humor - that I'm sure he got from his dad
  • His cuddliness- and how he loves to crawl in my bed in the mornings if he gets up first
  • How he says "I just love you mommy" as he looks into my eyes or touches my face.
  • How aware he is of his world.
  • How smart he is and so quick to pick up things.
  • The way he cares about people and asks questions about our friends & fam
  • The way he has been enjoying reading stories in our Kids Bible, learning scriptures with me (to songs of course) and learning how to pray for others!
Ok- that was just a top 10 of the first things that came to mind at the moment.

I'm so proud of my little guy! Can't wait to see what the future holds for us! :)

Thanks for letting me brag!


  1. Brag away Mom! We love reading it :)

  2. So true about his laugh...sounds like you have a little future engineer!

  3. He is such a cutie, Tiffany! I'm impressed with his 3D objects! :)

  4. I am very impressed with that little creation, Go Nate! What a sweet post by a wonderful mommy (that would be YOU!).

  5. very impressive! little nate is such a cutie with such a tender heart. thanks for bragging on your little one - he deserves it! i hope he had a good birthday!

  6. he's adorable! and SO smart! you are not biased!!